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Baby Care Products Every New Parent Should Buy

Having a newborn in the family brings a lot of happiness to the family. It is a form of God's blessing, and everyone feels happy to welcome the newborn. However, a newborn comes with new responsibilities. As new parents, you should be aware of baby care, health, feeding and safety tips in order to make your child happy. However, for a new parent, it can be confusing since they don't know what to buy for their new baby.

There are several places where parents can shop for baby stuff. We all understand that parents are so busy nowadays and expecting parents are busy than any other person. Between fitting in baby showers, doctor's appointment, birthing classes, and many other preparations for the baby, there are lots of things a parent needs to do. This is why the internet is the best place to shop for baby products with less hassle.

Searching through the internet allows you to take advantage of the baby items offered by the online retailers. Some of the great online retailers with baby registry services include topstrollersreviews, Target, Amazon, eBay among others.if you are expecting a new baby, or you already have one, then here are some few essential baby care products that you should consider purchasing for your child.

A bottle warmer

A bottle warmer is the best gift any parent can give to their kid. It helps you to heat up the baby's formula, liquid food or milk. This is a great device since it is made in a way that it keeps the temperatures constant making the baby formula not too cool or too cold for the baby- The device is usually similar in shape and size of a kettle. Every parent who cares for his or her child should consider this device when purchasing baby products.


A baby monitor

A baby monitor is one of the most important things that every parent must have. It gives parents a piece of mind and convenience. There are several baby monitors in the market today. This makes it possible for you to pick the best. They also come with advanced features which enable the parent to have the best experience ever. These devices are very useful especially if you sleep in a different room from their baby. A baby monitor allows you to monitor your child to make sure that he or she is safe and sound. Some of the best baby monitors brands include Motorola, Samsung, and hello baby monitors.



Diaper Bag

It is actually impossible to leave the house without forgetting something. This is even worse for mothers. As a new parent, you should consider purchasing a diaper bag. Choose a cute diaper bag that doubles as the fashion accessory. Choose one with bunnies or duckies and all sorts in between for decoration. This will help you to pack all baby's items she or he may need. Look for a roomy bag with several pockets to hold wipes, diapers, and any other baby accessory.


Slings and front carriers

Slings and the front baby carriers have become popular nowadays. They, therefore, provide an excellent gift for new babies. Kids respond positively to the security and warmth of being cuddled up so close to the mother. On the other hands, parents have confirmed that the carriers are comfortable and easy to use. Both hands are as freed up by using a sling or front carrier.


Glider Rocker or Rocking Chair

This is another great item every new parent should consider purchasing before the baby is born. of the new mom will be breastfeeding, then getting her, a rocker will be an excellent idea. It provides comfort when breastfeeding. They are also soothing since the baby needs special attention during the night. Note that parents are choosy when it comes to the decor of their nursery. They like matching everything, so go for a classic style wood chair.



A crib is another great gift you can give your new baby. Every new-born needs a comfortable sleeping place. If your budget allows, then you should but your baby a crib. The cribs come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, and colors. Before purchasing one, you should be sure about its safety standards. Make sure that the mattresses used for the ribs are soft and comfortable.


Baby Car Seat

A car seat is another extraordinary gift for a new baby. It provides the child with safety when the parents are driving with the kid. This is why every parent should consider purchasing one for their kid. A car seat is a necessity, and it comes in many price rates. You can find one within your budget. You can attach the baby seat to your car seat.


Skin Care Products

Any new parent should consider buying skin care products for the bay. You should understand that the skin of your baby requires special care as they are soft and supple. You should, therefore, be very keen when purchasing skin care products for you baby. Consider purchase natural skin care products since they contain no chemicals that can affect your baby's skin.



Changing Table

If you can't quite spring for a crib and you already have one, a changing table makes an excellent addition to any nursery. A changing table can be bought to match the crib and provide a handy place to store diapers and other supplies as well as a convenient place to change the little one. This makes a great gift for expecting parents who have the essentials but could use a nice piece of furniture to add the finishing touch to their nursery.



Probably the best universal gift for any new baby would be diapers. As a new parent, this is the first thing you should buy for your baby. Diapers come in various sizes, colors, styles, and features. A diaper will keep your baby dry hence giving him or her ultimate comfort.


Baby stroller

This is another essential baby product you should buy. The modern baby strollers have more features than the traditional ones making things easier for new parents. Getting the right stroller for your baby can seem like a gift from the heavens for exhausted new parents. It allows you to easily carry your baby around as you carry on with errands and other daily activities that might have been quite impossible without it.


There are, of course, many other types of gifts you can buy for your new baby. A new baby requires a period of adjustment, though. Anything that could make life a little easier for the new parents and the baby makes a perfect baby care gift. However, the above list presents items that every parent with a new baby must use.

A Review of the Best Baby Diapers in 2017

Baby diapers are some of the significant baby products. Low-quality diapers can affect the baby's skin and make parents have sleepless nights. Therefore, parents need to be careful when selecting baby diapers to ensure that you purchase a brand that will guarantee comfort and all-day dryness to your child. Baby diapers come in different sizes and brand. One brand might be ideal for children within 5-9 pounds while another might fit children from 10-18 lbs. The best baby diapers feature technology such as leak-proof design, multilayered absorbency or measures to protect the baby's skin.

There are different types of baby diapers such as newborn diapers, older baby diapers, toddler diapers, overnight diapers, and swim diapers. Before deciding to purchase any diaper brand, ensure that you consider the purpose of the diaper. Below is a review of the best baby diapers in 2017

1. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers diapers are suitable for children weighing about 27 pounds. The Swaddlers design is recognized for being soft and comes with a color code for indicating diaper wetness level. The accurate wetness indicator ensures that parents do not unwrap the diaper when unnecessary and protects the baby's sensitive skin. The diapers feature an innovative Absorb Away Liner which Rest assured your baby would stay comfortable and warm throughout. Swaddlers diapers are the indisputable bestseller for preferred newborn baby diapers in most hospitals across the US. The diaper package includes 144 pieces of diapers to last for over one month.


2. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Economy Pack Plus

This budget diaper pack provides ultra-safe protection for your baby. The clinically certified diaper offers up to 12 hours’ protection with any leak. With its three layers’ absorbency, your child will stay happy, dry and comfy throughout. The UltraAbsorb layer runs across the edges to prevent any leakage. The diaper design ensures easy fitting and flexibility to ensure your baby enjoys the process of growing up.


3. Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers

Huggies snug diapers provide resilient dry protection throughout the night. If you want your baby to enjoy peaceful sleep all night, then this is the brand you need to purchase. The triple layered technology prevents any leakage, and you don’t need to keep on checking your baby. That means you have peaceful nights too. The unscented diapers are completely hypoallergenic.

Huggies snug diapers are size four ideal for babies weighing 22- 27 pounds. The economy plus package includes 192 diapers which can last up to 2 months. Moreover, you earn redeemable points through the Huggies Reward scheme

4. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers baby diapers provide protection and dry comfort for about 12 hours. You don’t have to keep on checking the baby all night. The extra layer for absorbency gives your baby versatile, and high-quality protection they ever experienced. The standard design is meant to increase flexibility to ensure a comfortable fit for your baby. The skin-friendly diapers are the best for babies with sensitive skin.


5. Pampers Cruisers Diapers Economy Plus Pack

As a caring mother, you want your baby to have the best comfort and health while growing up. Why not add this amazing diaper brand to your baby's accessories this year? The Pampers Cruisers diapers provide the best fit and all-day comfort while keeping the baby dry for over 12 years. The Pampers’ three-way design helps to fit the baby's legs, bottom, and waist which guarantees extra comfort without any leakage. The sesame street characters drawn on the surface of each piece tends to be attractive to the baby and mother.


6. Huggies Overnites Diapers

The Huggies Overnites diapers provide leak-proof protection throughout the night. These diapers provide absorbent and leak protection measures efficiently. The diaper can last an entire night without the need for changing. The unique diaper briefs provide a secure fit.

The reasonably priced diaper pack contains 50 pieces. Mothers can enjoy their sleep without worrying of leakage. What’s more! .... the baby's skin stays healthy, smooth and flawless.


7. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers

Are you thinking of the best present for a young one? Well, Luvs Ultra Diapers never disappoint. The package comes with 140 diapers which guarantee leak-proof protection for at least a month. LeakGuard layer is placed at the center of the diaper to ensure maximum protection without any leakages. The diaper’s fastening strips can be adjusted to give the perfect fit. Also, leak barrier and gathers design provides maximum comfort while giving your baby freedom of movement. The brand offers consumers money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.


8. Huggies Little Movers Diapers

These diapers feature Huggies Moving Baby System, Dry Touch Liner and Double Grip Strips for dry comfort all day and night. The innovation helps you to fit the diaper quickly and protects the baby's waist and upper leg. The Absorbent leak lock property provides ultimate leak-proof protection.

9. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers

You can never risk when it comes to the sensitive nature of your baby's skin. This reasonably priced diaper brand provides the best care possible for your little one. The package includes 160 sizes one diapers with an ultra-absorbent core to keep your baby dry and comfy all day long. The diapers don’t have chlorine bleach properties which guarantee healthy and smooth skin all night. The FSC certified diaper is manufactured in the US with the highest quality materials. Seventh Generation package includes 160 pieces of diapers to last you more than one month.


10. Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Diapers

For the environmental conscious parents, Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Diapers make you feel great about your choice. Some renowned brand uses petroleum based materials in the production of their diapers. However, Earth’s Best Diapers use renewable materials such as corn and wheat. The diaper brand is free from dyes, chlorine, and latex as well as hypoallergenic properties. The diaper protects your baby against rashes and prevents strong urine smell.

Bear in mind that trying out different brands and sizes will help you to determine the best diaper for your child. Therefore, purchase small packs of various brands and sizes because kids grow fast. You can never run short of diaper alternatives in the market. You can choose depending on eco-friendliness, softness, absorbency, costs, and chemical free features of the diaper brand.

Baby Products - Info

Baby products are an essential component of the growth and development stages of all babies. In order to choose the best baby products for your child, the best option is to browse online stores and check for ratings of various companies. This is a very sensitive choice since babies can have severe reactions to some products. Make sure you know what is best for your child before going on to purchase these products. Additionally, the baby products you buy should be free of any harmful chemicals. For this purpose, it is better to contact a reputable company by going through online directories. Even if it costs you a little more, nothing is more valuable than your child's healthy future.

Diapers are very important for infants. They ensure that the baby is dry at all times. Babies do not have control over their bladders, nor the ability to express a lot, so diapers with various sizes and styles are there to fulfill this need for children. Other more advanced baby products include stuff like monitors. These are typically fixed to cradles or cribs and keep you updated with the bodily functions of your baby if you are away or asleep for a while.

Bottles are important for every new mother, whether she is planning to bottle or breast feed. New bottles can try to eliminate air getting into the baby's stomach which can cut down on the baby having gas. These bottles are more expensive than generic, old-fashioned ones, but can be worth the investment.

Baby cribs are the largest and sometimes the most expensive product a baby needs. There are many types and styles of baby cribs available and they come in several different colors. Most new parents spend a great deal of time picking out their baby's crib as it will be the largest component of the baby nursery and the baby's main bed for two to three years. Baby mattresses are next item usually chosen by the new parents. There are many different types of mattresses also.

Baby bath products are used continually from the date of birth to three years of life or more. After three years, there are products for toddlers that are mild to use but clean more effectively for older babies. Baby bath, oil, lotion, and powder are all main components of the care of a baby's skin. In addition, baby bath products are infused with soothing ingredients, such as lavender that all help an infant calm down if fussy and feel better. Fortunately, most new mothers get plenty of these baby products as gifts.

An infant car seat is an essential baby product needed to be purchased to take to the hospital before new parents are allowed to take their infant home. Infant car seats are usually part of a baby stroller combination where the infant seat can sometimes latch right into the stroller making it much easier for the new parents to maneuver their babies around. After the baby grows a larger car seat is needed that can usually fit the baby until he or she is around three to four years of age.

Strollers are another necessity for new parents. These baby products can be very simple or complex. Most stroller sets today have the cup holder for the parents, baskets to hold diaper bags and other items and plenty of room for baby to move around. Stroller sets are usually chosen to fit a certain theme or style and are almost always chosen to fit the sex of the baby.

Pushchair I travel system- one of the baby products that's going to get used extensively, there's a vast array of different pushchairs available to buy to suit everyone's individual needs and budgets and although it will often come down to personal taste, it is worthwhile ensuring that it has a travel system included, especially if you're going to be travelling in a car, even on an irregular basis.

Bassinet and bedding –
Starting off in a bassinet and moving to a cot when they're at least a few months old, these baby products are often given as gifts, so although you might have one in mind that you want to buy, check with your friends and family first to see if they've either bought one or whether they'd be interested in buying the one you like as a present from them, whether by themselves or as a joint gift. Bottles and sterilizer. Even if you're planning on breastfeeding, you're still likely to need bottles and a sterilizer, as many moms who are breastfeeding pre-fill bottles so that they don't have to feed the baby whenever they're hungry and their partner can feed them instead, on occasion.

Relatively cheap to buy, invest in a few dummies I pacifiers, rotate them so that your little one isn't using the same one all the time and inspect them all regularly, replacing any ones that show the slightest sign of damage.

Baby bath
Whether you go for a traditional baby bath or a more modern Puja Tub, which fits into almost any basin, a baby bath of some type is required to ensure that you can bathe your baby safely and easily.

Suitable take. home outfit .as much as you aren't likely to need to buy clothes in general, it is advised that you have at least one full outfit to dress your baby in when you're taking them home from the hospital, taking note of the season and matching the outfit to suit.

Other baby products include toys, clothes, and detergents. Toys keep your baby happy and entertained all day long. These toys should be non-toxic as babies have the tendency to put them in their mouths. The clothes you choose for your baby must be soft and comfortable. Detergents should also be bought accordingly, such as those specially designed to wash baby clothes and ensure that the baby does not catch any rashes or allergies from the material of the cloth. Strollers are convenient for parents as they can take their child anywhere without having to carry him/her. There are various styles available in the market and they greatly ease the task of going for a walk or shopping.

Newborn Babies Care Guideline

Always welcomed with excitement in the lives of parents, the baby can be a source of new found happiness especially after countless trials to get one. Adopted or not, boy or girl; care is one very important aspect that should be given to any baby. Fragile as they come, newborn babies are susceptible to illnesses, extreme temperatures and even the slightest of bacterial attacks.

Ranging from the food they eat, clothes they wear, immobile nature and also crying as their method of communication; newborn babies can become a source of stress to parents but this is only when the caregivers do not understand what is required when handling a newborn. Parenting can never be easier but understanding the basics can make the whole period one unforgettable experience.

One important aspect of baby care is cleaning the baby. In the first week after a baby is delivered, it is advised that it's not washed entirely. Washing your hands to prevent any germ infection to the baby's skin and a sponge bath is usually recommended, a damp washcloth can also be used with mildly warm water.

The Optimum temperature to bath a baby is at 120 Fahrenheit or 32 Celsius, temperatures above this are enough to give the baby third-degree burns. No parent would want the soft skin of their baby getting scolded from the overheated water. The umbilical cord being very sensitive should be cleaned with cotton swabs and with mild water, common practice of using alcohol is not recommended since the cord dries of best on its own, the area should be kept dry and clean and any discharges and foul smell should mean a call to your pediatrician since that would cause a hazard to the baby's health.

Once the umbilical cord stump dries up; basically a week after delivery, the baby can now take a full body bath. Though not recommended that the baby is washed every day; as most parents do, a baby bath done thrice every week is enough during the first year. Frequent bathing of a baby causes her skin to become dry. The baby can have her bath either in the kitchen sink or a small baby tub which is easier than using the ordinary bath tub.

It is always advised that the room is warmed up first so that the baby will not have chills once she is undressed. Letting the baby enter the bathing water with her diapers also helps if the baby cries a lot during the bath, no parent should leave a baby unattended while bathing it. A baby can drown when submerged under just one inch of water and this takes a maximum of sixty seconds. It is therefore advised that baby bath time is only for that and no other activity should be done concurrently.


Noticed to lose weight immediately after birth, babies are able to start gaining weight two to three days later. This happens once a baby starts to feed, breast milk is recommended for the first six months and solid food can be introduced after that. Breast milk is vital to a baby’s growth and development, breastfeeding a baby up to the second year is highly nutritious.

A mother's milk offers the right amount of nutritional supplements for the newborn, containing 75‘3’0 protein; breast milk is vital and though not sterile it still has beneficial bacteria that is used in the baby’s growth. While introducing solid food to a newborn might be challenging at first, giving your baby a variety of foods helps in getting to know what suits her. Normally as most parents would start with cereal, giving your baby mashed fruits and vegetables is not as bad either, allergenic foods like eggs and peanuts are worth trying too but be sure to consult your pediatrician first.

As much as babies love sleeping and eating most of the time, not wanting to eat should not be that they are not hungry, feeding a baby is mandatory while awake and also not to forget that heavy foods are not advisable when the baby is to retire to bed at night. Baby feeding utensils are preferred to be made of plastic material, this is because they are easily sterilized with boiling water and makes it easy to clean. A cooking stick is preferred to be wooden or plastic to avoid scratching of the metallic pans hence contaminating the food being prepared with metal grains.

For a parent expecting a newborn, sometimes the costs can be overwhelming; this has been made easier with the baby registry service given by most shops. Here, a parent goes and marks the various goods she needs; and when it comes to getting her presents for the baby during the baby shower friends can get her “wish list” items. This makes that situation where all your friends bring you adorable clothes for the baby instead of either baby wipes, diapers, feeders, baby shampoos and even soaps not happening.

Without the baby registry service, friends are always advised to be open-minded and chose baby gifts that are not as common as baby clothes or just fancy baby socks. Ranging from beautiful dancing shoes for the parent and the baby, fancy baby bath tubs, baby vests that can be fastened to the baby seats with space for attaching a feed bottle, self-heating water bottles and much more.


Traveling with your baby is something that will be common, either moving out or going shopping when you cannot leave your baby in the house alone. This is something that a lot of parents do not do correctly and it is alarming because it is for the baby’s own safety. Baby seats and boosters are important items when you have a baby or any child below 16 years.

A baby seat is strapped to the back seat and this is where a child is tethered such that they remain strapped in the case of an accident. These baby seats are very important but when not used well they are as bad as not used. The baby is usually facing the rear when on the baby seat. The child can start facing forward when they approach the three-year mark, two years is also safe.

Letting a child use a booster is important since they can be fastened to the seat properly by the seat belt and dangers of hurting their necks is minimized, until the child can attain a minimum of 4ft 9” it is recommended that they use a booster in their seats. Dangers of buying second-hand baby seats causes a risk in that the baby seat could be faulty. Parents often go setting up the car seat by themselves which is always putting the child at risk, same as any electrical or plumbing job; installing a car seat requires skill and it shouldn't be overseen as a simple exercise.

Traveling anywhere requires the baby seat for a child even when taking flights, the baby should have one on board too. Baby strollers that come as baby seats are also common and this is very effective when moving from the car to strolling the baby in the park. Umbrella strollers are widely used since they offer comfort to the child and a good handle to push the stroller too.

As hectic as it may seem sometimes, caring for a baby till they reach the not so fragile age isn't as bad an experience either. With gathered knowledge on how to keep a baby safe as naive as it is, still helping new parents with the same is helpful and very much appreciated. Optimistic that most babies will live to see their first steps and attain a healthy childhood baby care remains to be an important aspect if we're to see the next generations.

Handy Tips For Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby provides a great opportunity to interact and bond with your infant. Health experts say that there are only two nutritious and safe feeding choices for babies less than 6 months old: breast milk or infant formula. Breast milk is considered the most nutritious food for infants while infant formula is the only safe and nutritious alternative.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAPJ, you should breastfeed your infant exclusively for about 6 months. Breastfeeding should be continued for 6 months but can be complemented with solid foods. Here are handy tips for feeding your baby:




Breastfeeding your infant has many advantages. However, the most important are that breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby’s digestive system. Breast milk comes with all the nutrients needed by your baby- And though commercial formulas try to imitate breast milk, none of them can match its exact composition. Apart from containing all the important nutrients that promote growth and development of the baby, breast milk is full of antibodies. These helps in protecting babies from a wide range of illnesses including diarrhea and respiratory infections. Studies show that breastfed infants are less likely to develop certain medical conditions including asthma, diabetes, and allergies.


Formula feeding

Infant formulas come in handy for moms and infants who cannot breastfeed for various reasons. These formulas are a great alternative and offer more freedom and flexibility for mothers. In addition, formula feeding makes it possible for a caregiver to know how much the baby is eating.

Babies tend to digest formulas more slowly compared to breast milk. As a result, a formula-fed baby is likely to require fewer feedings, unlike a breastfeeding infant.



To make sure that you and the baby enjoy mealtimes, you need to pick a comfortable place to sit and relax with the baby as you feed the infant. How you hold the baby determines the ability of the infant to feed effectively. Different mothers adopt different nursing positions, so you should try various nursing positions and see what works for you and the baby.

Whatever nursing position you adopt, make sure the baby is calm and relaxed. Holding the infant against you, talking to him or she will help the baby to relax and feed better. Before you start breastfeeding the infant, you may need to gather useful items such as a drink or snack since it is normal for nursing mothers to feel thirsty when breastfeeding.

To bottle-feed your baby, hold the infant and talk to him or her. Avoid laying your baby down or propping the bottle in position. Infants love to be held and cuddled during the feeding process and should never be left propped with a feeding bottle.



Burping is considered among the handy tips for feeding your baby since it helps your baby breastfeed effectively. During breastfeeding, the infant tends to swallow some air. This is likely to cause the infant to spit up or become fussy. To counter this problem, consider burping the child after every feeding session. To burp the baby effectively, hold or sit the baby against your shoulder and pat them gently. Keep in mind that each baby-whether breast or bottle-fed is different. As a mother, trust your instincts and learn to recognize the needs of your infants.


Feed the infant on demand

Newborns need to feed 8-12 times daily. This translates into one feeding every 2-3 hours. To figure out whether it is time to feed your baby, look for early signs of hunger such as stretching, sucking motions or stirring. When these early cues are ignored, the infant may cry or fuss to attract attention. If you wait until the baby starts to fuss or cry, you will have a hard time soothing and get the infant to feed effectively.

When the infant closes their mouth, stops sucking or turns away from the bottle or nipple, it may show that the infant is full or needs a break. Before offering the bottle or the breast again, consider burping the baby or waiting for a couple of minutes.

Infants tend to spit up small amounts of milk after feeding or during burping. This should not cause any alarm; however, an infant should not spit up too large amounts of milk. If the baby vomits after feeding, it can be due to overfeeding, an allergy or a digestive problem. if the infant spits up too much or vomits regularly after feeding, consult your physician.


Trust your instincts

New mothers are often concerned whether their babies are eating enough or not. If the baby seems satisfied and manages to soil 6-10 diapers daily, sleeps well, experiences bowel movement regularly and is gaining weight, it means the infant is well fed. Rather than worry about how often or how much your baby is eating, trust your instincts and those of your infant-babies usually know how much they need.


introducing solid food (weaning)

Introducing solid foods is among the important tips for feeding your baby. This messy but exciting milestone usually occur between 4 and 6 months. During this period, your baby starts showing interest in what is on your plate.
According to AAP, a combination of breast milk and solid foods should be given until the baby is 12 months old. Once a child is 1 year old, they can begin drinking whole cow's milk.

How do you know if your baby is ready for solids? Look out for the following:
Outgrowing the tongue thrust reflex that enables an infant to push food or any other solid object out of the mouth. Reaching out for morsels on your plate or by grabbing fork and spoons, either to put in the mouth or to play with.


Losing interest in nursing.

Weaning ought to be a gradual process and should never be an all-or-nothing campaign. To help children transition effectively, some mothers opt to wean during the day and nurse at night. When weaning, keep in mind that babies may have their own schedules. While some babies wean themselves earlier than expected, others are resistant to the process. Studies show that children who were weaned later in life tend to put up more resistance compared to those who were weaned earlier.

The above tips for feeding your baby will help you to navigate through the delicate months of the first year of an infant's lifetime. As the baby develops, they will refine their motor skills and use fingers to grasp things. Soon you will be able to move from using a bowl and spoon to having the baby feed himself.

Top 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Seats

Regardless of the specific product in question, shopping for virtually any new acquisition in the awfully crowded 21st-century market is an arduous task. With so many car seat brands out there, it isn't easy to pick the best options for your children. As such, a lot of painstaking research is required in order to select the most appropriate versions available in the market. Therefore, this article highlights a few guidelines to aid your search for the right car seats for infants. Continue reading to discover the top 7 tips for choosing great children car seats for your kids. (Find Items)


1. Child's Weight

Since you are buying the seats for your child, they should determine the kind of car seat your purchase. Undertake various checks on your child as you scout around for the most appropriate car seat. First, you should consider the weight of the child. If you do not know their weight, consider weighing them to be sure. Take note of their weight in terms of imperial and metric units. Knowing the exact of your child and converting it to the relevant units will help you making mistakes as you shop for their car seats. At the same time, the seat dealer might want to know how tall your child is. As such, you should measure their height.

2. Check Your Child in Their Current Car Seat

If you are changing from old car seats to new ones, weight is not the only factor to consider. Check the position of the child's head in relation to the top of the seat. Choosing a seat that is shorter than your child is an imprudent decision because your child is exposed to potential injuries in the event of a crash. in this case, have your child accompany you as you purchase the seats. Make sure that they are not taller so that they head does not protrude above the seat.

3. Make Use of the Internet

The internet should be your companion as comb the market for the best car seats for your child. Since most car seat dealers have websites where they have advertised the different types of seats they sell, navigate from one site to another as you compare essential aspects such as quality, prices and shipping terms.

By the same token, remember to look at the reviews posted by previous buyers to be sure that you buy from a reputable dealer. Nonetheless, a lot of keenness is imperative since some unscrupulous sites may create fake reviews just to hoodwink any unsuspecting purchasers. Any genuine customer feedback will almost always carry some authenticating feature such as the image of the person who posted it or even their physical/email address.

Be careful to avoid being duped by unscrupulous car seat retailers who might post their own reviews while purporting the same were posted by ostensibly satisfied customers. Any genuine customer review should contain details such as an image or the contact information of those that posted it. Because you may have to return the seats for money or replacement, get the retailers return policy clear before buying.

4. Car Features

The nature of your car should also determine the most suitable children car seats to purchase. To begin with, check whether your car has tether mounts and how they look like. The common Isofix car system has two fixing points at the base of the seat. However, some other cars have a third tether, usually positioned at the back of the rear seat as a safeguard against tipping forwards when the accident occurs. If you opt for suffix seats, consult the handbook to help you locate any third mounting points in your car.

In the same vein, check whether the car has any front passenger airbags. This is because your child can get injured by the force deploying air bag should an accident occur. Look at your manual to know whether the front passenger air bags can be activated and deactivated accordingly. Further, liaise with your insurer to be sure that this activation and deactivation does not affect your cover.

5. Consider Your Lifestyle

Finding a good car seat for your child's one-day use is quite easy. However, getting one to be used for a long time may not be that simple. Therefore, consider whether the seat will be used only in your car or it will be transferred to other cars on some occasions. Another factor that falls under your unique lifestyle is the number of children you will be transporting. It is a wiser idea to go for seats that can accommodate several children at the same time.

6. Shortlist Possible Options

Once you have gone out to look for the most suitable car seats for your child, you will need to look for reliable stores to sample a number of popular brands out there. You will have to go with both your child and car so that you can accurately gauge the suitability of the seats you purchase. Don't rush into the actual buying procedure right away. Take your time. Compare dozens of brands and prices and warranties and all before you commit your hard-earned cash.

Don't forget that this shortlisting a daunting task that will require meticulous attention for the smallest of details. Nonetheless, shortlisting a few promising outlets that offer great car seat options will help you zero in on the very best seat types offered by the most reputable sellers at reasonably affordable prices.

7. Buy from a Reputable Seller

Again, you should make sure that you purchase your children's car seats from a reputable supplier. There are many advantages of buying from well-reputed locations. To begin with, it is very easy to make a mistake as you purchase. As such, you will be able to return the seats for a replacement or money in case something goes wrong.

Secondly, widely regarded stores that have a good reputation will sell authentic brands. It is not easy for you to distinguish between original and counterfeit car seat brands as a customer. Since it is, therefore, easy to be duped into buying the fake brands, you should buy from sellers of impregnable integrity who only sell authentic children's auto seats.

Tips For Bottle - Feeding Your Baby

As a new mother, you can face many decision about how to care for your new born baby. Feeding and providing optimal nutrition for your baby is the most important area to learn. For decades, breastfeeding has been (and still is) the primary means of feeding babies worldwide. In recent times, nurses are counseling mothers during their post-delivery regaining about feeding alternatives. In the event that a woman was either unwilling or unable to breastfeed, a wet nurse would take over the role. However over the years, man has evolved another alternative way of making a cow‘s milk a substitute for breast milk therefore making formula feeding the customary way of feeding infants. Tip for feeding your baby

The following is a great list of healthy tips with a good number of benefits to your child feeding process. They have been briefly discussed to show you why they are vital to successful baby feeding.

1.. Time those initially bites accurate

Feeding a baby solid food for the first time you must observe and his or her first bites right. There is no rule to what to give first. It could be rice mix with extract such as milk. Fruits such as bananas and avocados inclines be easy transitional foods. However, you should note you cannot start feeding with meat or vegetables and even hard solid food. In most cases, in the first feedings, the baby can only take few bites. When he or she becomes distracted know he or she had enough. Do not force the child to eat more that his or her stomach should hold. It is also important to feed your baby enough. Avoiding excessive feeding helps to avoid discomfort.

2. Barrage the baby with variety

After your baby, has gotten used to the act of feeding and introduction to new environment of food rapidly, expert advice therefore the should be feeding wearisomely so that if an allergic reaction should occur, it is easier to pinpoint the food that caused it. However, other scientists recommend variety, if your child develops a high affinity for certain types of foods, mix in other foods with the food the baby likes. It is also wise to work your way round colors and flavors

3. Try new foods

Research shows that most parents throw in the towel after their toddlers reject certain foods. As babies grow older they tend to become pickier. It can even take up to 15 trials to get a baby to try out new foods. If a baby tries a certain type of food 6 out of 10 times, then there is a possibility of forming a preference. However if the food still is not accepted by the baby, try serving it in different ways or cooking it using different recipes.

4. Color things up

Giving babies bland diets is what most parents are accustomed to. There is however no research that says that parents should do so. Once your toddler is enjoying food plain, introduce mild spices and herbs. The possibilities to how spicy foods can be made are endless who knows? The baby might even prefer the spicy food.

5. Be a role model

By being a good example you should eat so as to motivate your child to eat. Therefore, you should set good eating habits and instill to your child. For example you should eat healthy and nutritious food such as a balanced meal, fruits, take water frequently so that the child can follow suit and don't teach the child to eat any junk food. Always know that you as a parent you have a very big influence to your child because you are his first teacher and whatever the better good eating habit the child will automatically eat that because they are simply learning by observation-


6. Create a connection between the baby and the food

Naming foods and signing them helps the toddler in recognizing those foods later on. Kids tend to fall in love with things they recognize. If you hand your baby an apple and say “Apple” it helps the baby connect with the food. Recent studies show that babies are more willing to taste unfamiliar foods.

7. Keep your baby close in the kitchen

Keeping the baby close to the kitchen helps build familiarity with food. Get your baby involved in cooking early when your baby sees your relationship with the food, smells the garlic roasting , soup simmering actually makes the baby a better eater. These kinds of food also facilitate easy digestion which in form promotes better growth and development of your kids.

8. Eating as a family

Regular family meals have slew benefits which include busting self esteem and better academic performance. It helps the baby see you enjoying the food and hence they enjoy it too. Eat outs helps them realize that food is special and vital to their health.

9. Making meals enticing

When dealing with a child, encourage him to eat things by making them look sweet and fun. Serve food in decorated and colored bowls. Decorate foods such as cakes, cook pleasant meals that are easy for your child to feed themselves. Letting the child feed themselves makes them feel they have a choice on what they are eating.

10. Positive attitude

All kids are different and that includes their taste. Therefore, as a parent, you should not force your child to eat what does not fit their wants which includes what they are allergic to. Having the right attitude and preparing the right meals makes the child come along eventually. You should ensure to prepare the healthy meal proffered by your baby often to enhance their positive attitude towards heathy feeding.


Infancy is a time of intense development over the course of time, they progress to a point where they have recognizable personality and are now locomotive. They, therefore, need to be properly natured to attain their full potential. Problematic nurturing limits the infants to attain their full potential. Try the tips above and you will definitely have your kids enjoy the many health benefits associated with them. Healthy feeding is surely the best way to maintain your kids' good health as well as successful growth

Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Adjustable Frame Stroller

My brother in law Stephen and his wife Penelope are blessed with two sons. Three months ago, they had a beautiful addition in the form of a bouncing baby girl. In the past, I constantly watched them grappling with the prospect of going shopping or on vacation, while accompanied with their young ones. The birth of young Annette presented a challenge. Their old baby stroller was clearly not adequate enough to transport their young ones up and about. Lucky for them, I recently chanced upon a detailed Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Adjustable Frame Stroller review. They went on and acquired the wonderful stroller and are forever pouring praise on the product.

The Joovy Tandem Stroller is a revolutionary baby carriage with a host of practical features. It has thirteen different configurations that allow them to carry their children on the accommodating stroller. My sister found the stroller extremely lightweight and easy to handle within and around town. Loading the stroller into the car trunk posed no challenges for Steve. Their lives have definitely improved a lot with the stroller It is a strong, well-built stroller and is definitely good value for money.



Adaptability and 'Vary" Ability

The Joovy Tandem stroller expands and contracts in a variety of configurations allowing it to carry infants, babies and toddlers at the same time It is best suited for modern families looking to increase the numbers in their nuclear unit. The stroller can be set in a "short" position that allows both occupants to be seated comfortably. The front seat has a convenient recline facility that allows it to be extended, leaving lots of room in the rear. The seating arrangement can be customized in a matter of seconds. The stroller is relatively easy to set up.

The Joovy Tandem stroller is, in essence, akin to several strollers in one convenient package. It has a unique one of a kind telescopic frame. This well-designed feature allows it to convert from a single stroller to a full-size double in record time This is a great feature especially when one needs to go shopping accompanied by a baby and a toddler. In its compact mode, the stroller has a rear compartment and a stand on the rear platform for older children.


Stand On Tandem

Children of different ages have unique characteristics, desires, and needs. A docile infant's activities pale in comparison to their older, more boisterous siblings. The Joovy Tandem stroller is the ultimate solution for families with children that fit in this age brackets. The front seat of the stroller is detachable and is provided with an optional car seat adapter. The infant car seat can be conveniently positioned and installed at the front of the stroller.

Older toddlers and children can be accommodated in the rear compartment of the Tandem stroller. This is important especially in the instant that the user could be taking a stroll with their child who may get tired. The stroller allows the child to seat on a comfortable rear bench seat. In case the child wishes to express their curiosity, the stroller has a sturdy standing platform.

This allows the front and rear occupants of the stroller to be independent of each other.


One Hand Fold Mechanism

When the Joovy Tandem stroller is not in use, it can be conveniently folded in a one hand motion. The standing fold is quite convenient and efficient. The stroller has a practical auto-lock feature. The stroller can be folded and made to fit easily in the trunk of any car. It is as easy as unlatching the folding on the left side while positioning the stroller with the handlebar close to you When done, simply pull the upward mechanisms on both sides of the stroller, while pushing the handle forwards and downwards. This action ensures that the stroller is completely folded.

The locking latch on the stroller ensures that the folding is secure and complete. The folded stroller occupies minimal space and allows it to be stored in cramped conditions. The folding action ensures that the stroller has a small footprint and occupies minimal space.


Superior Construction and Space Age Materials

The front seats of the Joovy Tandem stroller are well built and heavily padded. The side wings are also padded to ensure a comfortable ride experience for the occupants. The padding also confers an element of support to the young occupants. The stroller's seats and expansive canopy are made of high quality and durable 600D nylon.

The fashion conscious, modern and classy aesthetic appeal of the stroller is attributed to the beautiful graphite frame. The graphite material ensures the stroller is long lasting and functions well The well thought out the design of the stroller is a classic example of form meeting function.

The stroller has a large canopy with a sun visor extension to protect its occupants from direct sunlight. It has an easily accessible swing away tray and an over-sized storage basket. The storage basket can accommodate a lot of gear necessary for a stroll. It can comfortably carry a lot of shopping and groceries. The strollers light weight is due to the 6061 aluminum it is constructed from This allows it to have a carrying capacity of 110 pounds and an overall weight of 33.95 pounds.



Unique Sealed Bearing Wheels

The Joovy stroller has two large wheels at the rear and a pair of smaller wheels at the front. The polyurethane material employed in the construction of the wheels ensures improved grip and traction. The tires are based on the highest grade materials thus ensuring an exceptional ride. The sealed bearing mechanism ensures maneuverability and smooth handling. A well-designed front wheel suspension further enhances the ride experience on the stroller. The stroller is equipped with strong front swivel wheel locks. The swivel mechanism allows the stroller to change direction easily. A set of solid and reliable rear brake mechanism ensures that the stroller has superior stopping power.

The stroller's wheels have a clever quick mechanism. This allows the user to be able to take off the wheels easily. This feature is particularly convenient when the need to stow away the stroller arises. The removal of the wheels makes the stroller occupies less space and can be stored relatively easily.


Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity

When folded, the Joovy stroller has overall dimensions of 12 x 24.25 x 50 inches (H x W x D). In the "short" mode, the strollers' dimensions are 42 x 24.25 x 43.5 inches. When the stroller is in the extended mode, it has overall dimensions of 42 x 24.25 x 49.75 inches.

The front seat can accommodate a child with a maximum height of 40 inches. The rear seat can accommodate taller children with a maximum height of 44 inches.

The maximum recommended carrying capacity of the stroller is 110 pounds. This translates to an average carrying capacity of 55 pounds per seat.

The front seat of the Joovy stroller can accommodate newly born infants. This is particularly due to the inclusion of a convenient infant car seat adapter. The front seat can accommodate babies with a maximum age of 6 months. The rear seat compartment can accommodate children of up to 2 and half years of age. The stroller is constructed from lightweight aluminum. This allows it to have a weight of 33.95 pounds.


A variety of Optional Accessories and Add-Ons.

The Jovi Tandem stroller has a variety of practical accessories sold separately. These include a cup-holder, a convenient Parent Organizer, and a protective rain cover. A wide range of optional car seat adapters are also available and sold separately. The available car seat adapters include well-known brands, Graco Classic Connect, Graco Click Connect, Chicco KeyFit and Britax/BOB B-Safe. Other car seat adapter options include reputable brands like Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and VPPA baby Mesa.
The car seat adapter can be used on the front or the rear of the stroller. The adapters can also be used on both the front and rear of the stroller concurrently. This convenient feature allows users to be able to enjoy a stroll with children at an infancy age bracket.
All the optional accessories and add-ons are adequately covered by the company's incredible, well-informed support team. They are highly responsive and promptly resolve queries related to the stroller. This ensures guaranteed customer satisfaction.





  • It is flexible and can be adapted to be used in a variety of situations.
  • It is lightweight and has a practical design.
  • The stroller has safety features like the 3 and 5 point harness in the rear and front seats respectively.
  • The Joovy Tandem stroller steers and handles well, and can be pushed using one hand.
  • It has a large shopping basket that can accommodate a lot of shopping and groceries.
  • The stroller can be conveniently folded with a one hand maneuver.
  • The polyurethane wheels on the stroller have great grip, allowing movement on a variety of surfaces.
  • Its compact design allows easy loading and offloading from car trunks, airplane or public transport storage bins.
  • The fabric incorporated into the Joovy Tandem Stroller is machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Its maneuverability allows it to move around tight spaces and it fits average doors and hallways.
  • The optional Parent Organizer is a wonderful way of keeping coins, a water bottle, smartphone or wallet.


  • The comprehensive accessories package provided with the Joovy Tandem Stroller require a comprehensive grasp of the instruction manual. Many customers find this tedious and time-consuming.


Q. Can I conveniently carry around my three children with the Joovy Tandem stroller? I have an eight-month-old baby boy; a beautiful young toddler aged 1 year and 9 months and a playful 4-year-old boy who tires easily. Is it actually possible to stand and sit in the back of the Joovy stroller?

A. Of course! The Joovy Caboose stroller is more or less 3 strollers in one. I and my wife do it all the time with this magnificent stroller. You can confirm the amazing capabilities of this wonderful stroller on the internet. A comprehensive Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Adjustable Frame Stroller review would put your doubts to rest. You can also check out the Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroker Board. The stroller is especially easy to set up. My playful four-year-old son can actually stand on the strong rear platform and hop around. This adds to the excitement of the stroller ride.

Q. Can the stroller accommodate tall children? I am quite tall and I seem to have passed my extraordinary gene makeup to my 1 year and 2 and a half year old sons. They are also quite healthy and have high body mass index (BMI). Can I use the stroller on gravel surfaces?

A. The stroller's structure and makeup consisting of aluminum are able to handle many weight and height variations. I have a son who weighs 44 pounds and is quite tall at 42 inches. He fits comfortably with my other infant child. It is definitely a great stroller and has changed my way of life. I find taking a stroll through the woods in the evening quite easy. I am also able to run errands and do my shopping without having to worry about how to carry my young ones. I have used the stroller for the past four months and I'm pleased and impressed with the overall handling of the stroller.

The stroller wheels are constructed using the high-quality material. The polyurethane used on the tires ensures that they have great grip. I especially found the traction on gravel surfaces quite amazing.



The stroller, based on a comprehensive Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Adjustable Frame Stroller review, is definitely one of the most superior baby strollers available. It is an authentic, high quality, lightweight stroller that is perfect for young expanding families. The Joovy Tandem stroller is best suited for families with an infant and an active toddler or older child. It is convenient and suited for families constantly on the move. The Joovy Caboose Tandem stroller's state of art design perfectly combines class, fashion, and practicality. The strong and high-quality materials used in its construct make it a robust, highly reliable and durable product. It is an incredibly high quality 5 star tandem stroller and definitely great value for your money.